Qingdao Xinkangda Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech type that focuses on the research and development, production and sales of raw materials and terminal products of mineral nutrients, compound nutritional fortifiers, plant extracts, microbial fermentation products, vitamins, etc. enterprise.

Focus on life and health, specializing in organic trace elements

With the aim of "absorb the essence of nature, gather the essence of all things, understand the essence of health, and create the splendor of life".


We sincerely invite agricultural test bases to jointly build a "organic selenium high-efficiency and excellent value demonstration base" Qingdao Xinkangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on life and health, specializes in organic trace elements, and "absorbs the essence of nature and the essence of all , To understand the essence of health and create the splendor of life" for the purpose. The company respects talents and science, has a young and creative team and high-quality, strong scientific research force. On the basis of continuously improving the company’s scientific research strength, it fully absorbs and utilizes social resources, and cooperates with scientific research institutions and universities to continuously improve the existing Product quality, and actively develop other high-tech organic trace elements.


In 2017, the company was awarded the title of “Key R&D and Production Enterprise for Life Health and Special Nutrition Products (International)” by the “Ecological Agriculture Committee of the International Eco-Safety Cooperation Organization”, marking the company's first step towards the international market. Since then, the company will extensively carry out a series of high-quality cooperation at home and abroad with the International Eco-Safety Cooperation Organization. Since today, the company will join hands with the "International Ecological Safety Cooperation Organization Eco-Agriculture Committee" to extensively recruit agricultural test bases around the world to jointly build a "organic selenium high-efficiency and good-value demonstration base", and sincere partners from all over the world are welcome to call for negotiation: agriculture and animal husbandry hotline -18562600872.



Provide Support

1. People in the industry have a fixed place of business;
2. Have sales experience, familiar networks and channels;
3. Have a certain degree of financial strength to ensure the sustainable development of the manufacturer’s cooperative relationship;
4. Have a sound sales network and marketing team in the agent sales area;
5. Good credit foundation, agree with our company's marketing philosophy.


Agency Requirements

1. Have a good reputation, industry reputation and personal moral reputation;
2. Have the ability and experience to establish and manage a sales network;
3. Have a well-established sales network and marketing team in the agent sales area;
4. Have a certain degree of financial strength, which can ensure the sustainable development of the manufacturer's cooperative relationship;
5. Agents or individuals who enjoy exclusive sales rights in this region are not allowed to sell across regions.



Organic selenium and other mineral food raw materials:
Organic selenium and other agricultural and livestock-grade raw materials:


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